Johannesburg to Victoria Falls

Johannesburg to Victoria Falls 2022

Johannesburg to Victoria Falls Safari Tour is a complete experience of safari in Africa. The journey takes you through 3 South Africa Top Safari countries. The habitat of the different biomes exhibit clearly the difference in their survival and ecosystem.

Starting from the North-west province of Pilanesberg. This Game reserve is defined by alternating ridges and valleys. The Pilanesberg Alkaline Ring Complex, a crater of a long-extinct volcano, is the main attraction of the park. One of the largest volcanic complexes of this type in the world is 1 200 million years old.

Pilanesberg is relatively medium, covering just 572 sq km. The park lies in the transition zone between Kalahari and the low veld. As a result, there are overlaps in mammals, birds and vegetation. 

From Pilanesberg you drive down to Marakele national park. Home to the big five-game, the park lies just outside Thabazimbi Town. It is 670 sq km and in the heart of the Waterberg mountains and characterized by contrasting mountain landscape, valleys and hills.

Driving into Botswana through the Grobler’s Bridge, we head straight to Serowe. As you drive further to Maun, you’ll have already seen much of the Kalahari desert. The low aridity of the desert supports a variety of flora. The native vegetation being the acacia species and grasses. Low precipitation with dense ground cover. The Kalahari is not a true desert.

Johannesburg to Victoria Falls The sheer variation of the country from the arid Kalahari to the lush, well-watered forest glades makes Botswana so special. Okavango delta has spectacular herds of elephant and buffalo alongside prolific populations of predators. Its vegetation is very lush and capable of supporting a high density of game even in the dry season. The floodplains support a great deal of wildlife that includes elephant, wildebeest, giraffe, buffalo, zebra, antelopes and more.

Johannesburg to Victoria Falls

From Okavango you head to Chobe national park in northern Botswana. The Kalahari sand veld is a general term used to describe plant communities that thrive on Chobe’s extensive areas of Kalahari sand. Notable are the vachellia, senegalia, terminalia, and combretum species. They appear to range from very open savannah with a few tall trees to quite dense shrubs which tends to be difficult to walk.   

Game migration in Botswana is a modest but noticeable drift of wildlife from the main water points of the Chobe, Linyanti, and Okavango around the start of the rains. That’s usually sometime in November and then a gradual return as the dry season kicks in. On this Johannesburg to Victoria Falls tour, you’ll  surely discover a lot about Botswana.

The huge Makgadikgadi Pans are the residue from ancient lakes. High concentration of mineral salts suppresses plant growth on the salt pans. Consequently, when it’s dry there are no plants here. However when they fill with water algal blooms appear at times attracting the attention of flamingos.

The Chobe river flows into the Zambezi River, the fourth biggest river in Africa. We know Chobe for its high concentration of elephants. It lies in the Kazungula-Zambezi Transfrontier-Conservation Area all the way to Victoria Falls.

The confluence of these two rivers is no doubt a major factor in the high density of game in the Chobe area. Game can be viewed from the river Chobe which is part of the Chobe national park. The Kazungula-Zambezi Transfrontier Area is a paradise of wildlife in Africa complementing the Okavango Delta. It is no wonder Botswana is indeed a safari country. This Johannesburg to Victoria Falls tour has been well crafted for safari first time experience and seasoned safari enthusiasts. 

Victoria Falls sums it up with a magnificent curtain of waterfalls never seen in the world. It’s one of the seven wonders of the world. ‘The sight of Angels on flight’ as David Livingstone described it.

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Johannesburg to Victoria Falls