Mozambique Overland Tours

Mozambique Overland Tours

Mozambique overland tours takes you to one of Africa’s interesting countries. If you are looking for memorable holiday of fun at the beach and food, Mozambique overland tours is your first choice. The beaches and islands are incredible. There are untamed islands and beaches that can be seen all across the sea-shores with a wonderful climate for marine adventure and beach parties.

Its culture is so diverse owing to its long history of trade. Trading ports with Arabs, Indians, Chinese brought in cultures that would blend in the African culture. Being a former Portuguese colony the European culture is at the midst of the mix. The aggregation of the multi cultures also gave birth to to a palette of delicious cuisines and colorful markets.

Mozambique Overland tours

Mozambique overland tours
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The islands are gorgeous and the beaches fantastic. Notable islands to visit are Bazaruto, Santa Carolina, Bangue, Benguerra and Magaruque. Part of Mozambique Experience is the marine life from whales, sharks, dolphins, turtles, mantas and more than 2000 species of fish.

As for adventure and sports in the sea, Mozambique is arguably the best in Africa. The paradise island is known for scuba diving, swimming with whale-sharks and marine species. Its clear waters of the Indian Ocean makes it a perfect destination for snorkeling in the world.

In Inhambane experience the ‘Dhow’, the traditional wind driven boat as you sail from Bay to Bay across the Matmba river flows.

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Mozambique Overland Tours