Inhambane Mozambique Prime Destination

Inhambane Mozambique Prime Destination

Inyambane Mozambique Prime Destination; this amazing coastline was my destination. It’s my first holiday in Mozambique with a joint group of Americans, Australians and 3 from Europe. 

Being the driver of the truck on a this new route I had my doubts on finding my way. It did not take me long to follow the google maps that had been using throughout. My only fear was to lose connectivity to network which never happened and I was so grateful for that. 

Going through my Tour Itinerary, I remembered quite well to stop at some point mid way from Maputo for the exciting passage of coconut trees that stretched for kilometers along the coastline. Mozambique prime destinations are so beautiful, the coastline and the brings the calm.  

My Core Pilot

It was quite an exciting drive. Never short of new observation that I would quickly share with my core driver who was completely immersed in photographing every little aspect of life that he found interesting. 

Paul spends most of his time on the sea. He plays drums  on one of the popular cruise ships that would go for months on the sea. I can understand his fascination of using the camera and observing what goes around on land. I envied his work, it must be so exciting, entertaining people who are already on holiday. Mostly they will always be smiling and sharing jokes. 

My work is no different from his. Although I do just more than entertainment, I drive, guide and cook. I have fun sometimes but not always. I enjoy my work just as much as Paul.

The sun rises from the sea, above the horizon just as clear from dawn as the golden rays of the sun lands on land. Last night was just as warm and the morning quickly takes the heat from the rising sun. Indeed Inyambane Mozambique prime destination is a dreamland. 

Inyambane Mozambique’s Beaches

And just after breakfast we took to the beach. Its a long beach with soft sand and barely any stones. The fisheries are already at work. Some are coming back with their boats loaded with all sorts of fish and yet others are preparing to leave with theirs for a day or more days in the sea. It’s there way of life. 

The coastline is neatly decorated with coconut trees and benches that have shades made from dry coconut leaves. There are exotic lodges as well and residential communities for the locals here.

It’s time to meet our Guide who introduced himself as Alfonso. He is quite young but experienced skipper already have grown up in the nearby harbor town of Inhambane. Today’s excursion is to lookout for the whale-shark and any other sea mammals. He assured us that they had seen a good number in the previous trips the day before. So more than exciting was the hope that we also would most likely sea a lot. 

I had no idea at this time what I was really expecting to see. The whale shark? I  have never heard of a whale shark before until today. We had to travel in a speed boat close to 30 km in the sea. 

Mozambique Prime Destination

The view of the land, the vegetation, landscape and beautiful lodges lining up the coastline was so amazing. This boat was traveling very fast now I bet close to 70 km / hr or more. It’s getting head-on with the sea waves which seemed to be moving hills towards us. Alfonso doesn’t seem perturbed by that as he is chatting to his core guide. We quickly drifted way further from land and all I can see is mountains and hills of waves far and approaching very fast. 

My stomach is unsettled and with each wave passing I feel my bowls vibrating and jumping to my rib cage. I tried to ignore the feeling and focus.  Looking at Paul, I saw his face had already turned green. It was good to realize I was not alone but how long will I hold on. 

The vomiting started without notification and the dizziness is unbearable. I crouched on the edge of the boat, water splashing right in my face as I could not hold back the vomit. The boat seem to be going at an extra-ordinary speed but yet in fact the skipper is already slowing down. My colleagues’ are way concerned with me and Paul, but the Guides are used to such sea-sickness and know better it won’t last long. The search for the whale shark began.

Inyambane Mozambique Prime Destination
Inyambane Mozambique Prime Destination

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