Tanzania Wildlife Safari Tour

On this 7 days Tanzania Wildlife Safari Tour you will visit some of Africa’s finest national parks. You will see many species of wildlife, from small to ugliest and the big mammals like the African elephant. Go on an adventure on Tanzania Wildlife Safari Tour. To the Ngorongoro Crater home to 25 000 mammals.

Tanzania wildlife safari tour

Here you’ll see the parks giants like the elephant, the rhino, buffalo and the lion. The rhino population here is almost half of the species population in East Africa, as they roam the grassy plains. On game drive in the Serengeti National Park you’ll come to the Rock Kopjes where there is a big chance to see the cats. Cheetah and lion use the giant rock out crops as observation posts.

On Day 3 of the Tanzania Wildlife Safari Tour still in Serengeti National park, you’ll take the adventure into the sky with the Hot Air Balloon Safari. View the amazing Serengeti National Park from a hot balloon above the park. Champagne, breakfast will be served on the landing site.

On our last day of this epic Tanzania Wildlife Safari Tour, you’ll stop over at Lake Manyara National Park for a game drive.

Great Migration

Serengeti National Park is World Heritage site. It has over 2 million ungulates, 4 000 lions, 1 000 leopard, 550 cheetah and some 500 bird species. It covers an area of 15 000 sq km. Explore the endless Serengeti plains dotted with trees and kopjes from which majestic lions control their kingdom as they gaze upon the Great Migration in awe.

Accommodation in the Serengeti and surrounding areas come in every price range. The good thing is that there is everything for everyone. Campsites are slowly modernized to give the comfort and security so many require once we go on a holiday like safari. Networks and internet are slowly being accessible on most accommodation.

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Tanzania Wildlife Safari Tour