Top destinations of Zimbabwe

One of the most fascinating aspects of Zimbabwe was the diverse culture and its hospitable people that make you feel right at home. Zimbabwe has beautiful cities and each city is considered one of the best traveling destinations. Harare, Bulawayo and Victoria Falls tours are three most famous cities of the country due to their natural and man-made beauty.

Some of the attractions that you should look forward to are listed below.

Victoria Falls does not need any introduction as it has already attracted thousands of tourists every year however if you still have not had the chance to experience this inspiring and remarkable body of water known to mankind then it’s time to pack your bags and head over to Zimbabwe right away! Do not miss out an opportunity to witness one of the finest jewels of Zimbabwe. This is your chance to hear all the legendary tales and stories of the dazzling Victoria Fall.

One of the most inspiring things about Zimbabwe Tourism was the culture and history and its second largest city, Bulawayo is the hub of it all. Visit Bulawayo and get up close and personal with the fascinating and magical history that lead to the construction of some of the most iconic historic buildings that stand erect till today. Embark upon a journey through time and let Bulawayo be your tour guide through it all. From the iconic buildings to the adventurous wildlife experience, there is a lot that the city of Bulawayo alone has to offer.

The biggest city of Zimbabwe, Harare beautifully presents the culture and traditions as it is home to museums and art galleries that speak for themselves. The beautiful Harare Gardens are a perfect way to escape the city life and indulge in a true nature expedition. So step away from it all and get up close and personal with nature like never before. A few miles away from the city is the Hwange National Park which is the perfect place for you to escape to as it even offers its visitors an exclusive opportunity to observe wildlife either on foot or on horseback which is simply a must.

So if you are looking for a unique and unforgettable experience on an African safari in Uganda, add Murchison falls national park on your travel destination.

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